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for employment with Hays Temp GmbH in Bremen
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Your Duties:
  • Execution of theoretical investigations, computations and estimations in connection with thermal aspects of spacecraft and space transport systems
  • Establishment and/or discretisation of thermal mathematical models (TMMs) in ESATAN TMS format and/or discretisation of computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models analysis of launcher upper stages and related cavities including application of these models
  • Performance of thermal analyses and / or CFD analyses for new developments (e.g. Airiane 6 Upper Liquid Propulsion Modules (A6-ULPM))
  • Thermal investigations and analyses in co-operation with other specialist areas, like e.g. structure mechanics and propulsion systems
  • Thermal analysis and design of components for the A6 ULPM
  • Establishment of thermal environment specifications for A6 ULPM subsystems, components, test plans and specifications, as well as review of existing test plans
  • Participation in thermal tests for verification of existing thermal and/or CFD models
  • Establishment of Thermal and/or CFD Analysis reports as well as generating of presentation handouts and verbal presentation of study results to internal and external customers, primarily in English
Your Qualifications:
  • Completed degree in engineering or aerospace
  • Experience in the field of product development and aerospace
  • Experience in thermal or fluidic analysis and system engineering for spacecraft
  • or launcher systems, especially with Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) analysis of the A6 ULPM cavities, using FLUENT Software
  • Experience with application of ESATAN TMS thermal analysis software
  • Experience in thermal analysis and design of cryogenic upper stages / upper
  • Modules (A5ME and / or A6), knowing the major design driving factors and the - from thermal point of view - most critical areas
  • Outstanding MS Office skills
  • Fluency in English, basic French and German skills would be appreciated
Your Benefits:
  • Person with self-assurance and the ability to make decisions independently
  • High interest in technical challenges
  • Willingness for occasional business trips
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